What Are Proper Rules & Etiquette for Putting

I knew that umpires and referees of various sports ensure that players follow proper rules and etiquette. However, I was not aware that following proper rules and etiquette depends on the integrity of the golfer. Many new golfers do not know the guidelines of United States Golf Associations which is the major regulatory body. As a result, they unintentionally break the rules of etiquette and proper rules. While putting the surface, a player has to consider other players in the group. I must tell you that it is a courtesy that is called etiquette. Every player is bound to treat other golfers with respect.

Another etiquette I want you to know is that a golfer must not walk or stand on the putting line of another player. He should also not allow his shadow to be on the putting line of another player, and he should also not sit his golf bag on putting green. This care is highly important when another player is trying to putt the ball or trying to read the green. The farthest player putts first, but he also can putt out if he wants to. All players must help each other if one of them is not able to see the hole’s location. Another player must tend the pin for him. The player tending the pin must stand to either side of the pin in such a way that his shadow does not cross other player’s putting line. He should immediately remove the pin when the motion of the ball starts. The player should be careful while removing the pin and ensure that hole’s diameter does not get damaged. The flagstick must be pulled straight in such a way that it does not damage the hole. The flagstick should be placed on the side of the green in such a way that it does not interfere with the putting line of another player.

For speeding up the game, I want you to know that a player must wait until next hole is started to write down his score on the previous one. A player must not stand on the green and count the number of holes he finished. A player is supposed to wait until every player has holed out before he leaves the green. When a player reaches the next hole, he can write down his score. It must be remembered that rules for the green can cost a player more strokes for a hole. Following some basic rules will avoid penalty strokes and ensure a player enjoys the game.

I want to tell you that to start by properly marking the ball. A player is not supposed to move his ball on the green until he has marked the location with the help of a circular marker. A player can pick up his ball and clean it after he has marked it. If a player draws a line on his ball, he can use it for lining up his putt. However, he has to remove the marker before he goes for putting. If he needs to realign his ball, he has to mark the ball’s position before he touches it.

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